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Trigon Road is ready to be help you solve your problems. Let's make your life a little easier.

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Subscription applications

Whether you are looking for a leave management system that is best of class at a price that fits in your budget, or pagentry arts management and communications, or contact management for legislative advocacy; we have you covered.

Custom applications

Do you have data that is hard to get at and hard to use? Then you need a web based front end to that data. We make things accessible, intuitive and give you lots of reports. You just supply the data!


Trigon Road has years of experience solving problems for our customers. Chances are we can solve yours too.

Our services

Trigon Research: Professional and affordable genealogy, estate and probate research

When is it time to turn to a professional genealogist? Many people enjoy the exciting challenge of discovering each generation and each new name to be added to the family tree. It is very gratifying, but can sometimes become frustrating. When you reach that 'brick wall' it might be time to turn it over to a professional genealogist. We have years of experience researching family histories. Have your family tree accurately traced by an expert you can trust. Learn about the lives of your ancestors and extend your ancestry back further.

Forté: Leave management, time and expense reporting all in one place

Forté is a powerful, full-featured human resources information system that integrates comprehensive employee information with self-service leave tracking, time management and expense reporting in a single intuitive, affordable application. Your employees submit their requests and reports according to your business rules, your managers approve or reject them and you have access to everything that is going on with our extensive and easy-to-use reports and data displays.

Cut Time: Data management, communications and assessment tools for the performing arts

In partnership with J.W. Pepper & Son, Trigon Road has developed Cut Time, a powerful online group management tool for music directors.

Cut Time helps directors manage their music programs through a modern, efficient interface, cutting the time it takes to handle the large amount of administrative tasks teachers are faced with. And, being built for mobile use as well as use on other devices, a director has access to their program wherever they go, and whenever they need it.

Core features of the Cut Time platform include a robust system for managing the students, parents, staff and volunteers in music programs; free and easy communication via email and text; document and inventory organizational tools; financial tracking of obligations and payments; event and calendar management; student assignments and grading; easy reporting; and more.

Additional information about Cut Time is available at

Emma: Event management for the performing arts

How do you manage hundreds of events spread across the country with close to a thousand participating performing ensembles and coordinate 650 staff for those events? Why you call upon Emma of course! Emma is our world class events management software. With Emma, you manage information about events - including fees, contact people, performers, scheduling, staffing, tickets and promotions, volunteers and associated images and documents. You track information about the performing ensembles at those events - contact information, classifications, financial obligations and payments, contact people, program notes, logos and pictures. You manage your volunteers for those events and you communicate with everyone involved by mass e-mail or mass text messages. And to keep everything organized, you rely on lots and lots of built in reports.

Emma -it's the way to manage events!

CorpsData: Data management and communications (and a whole lot more) for drum and bugle corps

Working with corps both large and small in the design and creation of CorpsData has helped us produce an application that will allow you to run your Drum and Bugle Corps more efficiently, more effectively and less expensively. With CorpsData you can e-mail parts out to sections, track who has turned in forms, give members an on-line, real-time accounting of their financial obligations, send mass e-mails out to alumni and boosters and much, much more.

CorpsData is built around one central database. This database not only contains all the information about your members that you need, it's also where you store information about staff, alumni, employees, board members, committee members, volunteers, boosters, donors, media contacts, parents and anyone else you want to put in there. And because all of these people can log into CorpsData (if you let them) they can maintain their own information. Our subscribing Corps send out broadcast e-mails (through CorpsData) to current members and alumni and asked them to fill-in and update their contact information and (for alumni) their Corps history. Think of that - no more data entry!

Point of Contact: Contact management for legislative advocacy

Point of Contact is the information system designed by and for legislative advocacy professionals. It serves both as a conventional legislative information system, offering information about legislators and their staffs, bill histories, sponsorships and voting information, committee memberships, an activist database and more as well as being a contact management system, allowing you to record and manage all of your interactions with legislators.

You can capture face-to-face meetings, letters, e-mails, faxes, telephone conversations, contributions, recommendations and anything else you can think of. And then you can categorize these Contacts by Issue, by Bill, by Staff Person and by who was contacted. So you can get a complete picture of your activities.

Custom applications: Do you have a problem? Chances are we have the answer.

Do you have information important to your organization or business in a database or on a spreadsheet where you can't access it whenever you need to, from wherever you need to, on any device? Sounds like you need a custom web application from Trigon Road.

We build data-driven web applications. We take your data and make it accessible in an easy to use, highly secure (if you want it secured), high performing system that you can access from your computer, your tablet or your smart phone.

We have built add-ons to some of our subscription applications for customers and we have built applications with content management from the ground up. Some of our projects include the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention website ( and the Medical Home Toolkit (

Let's talk about what Trigon Road can do for you.

Trigon Road. You've got problems. We've got answers.

Our company

Trigon Road LLC was formed in 2003 to provide clients with web-based, intuitive and inexpensive information management systems.

We sell web-based, data-driven applications on a subscription basis. Because all your data is hosted by us, you never have to worry about expensive computer hardware, backup systems, uninterruptible power supplies, software licenses or server outages. Your one low yearly subscription fee covers all that and also unlimited support and training.

The company was named after the street that the founder's Grandmother lived on in London England. He heard many wonderful stories about that house growing up and wanted some of that karma to be passed on to our customers.

Our Trigon Road however is located in a suburb of Madison Wisconsin where it gets very cold in the winter.

Where is Trigon Road?

What we offer You've got problems, we've got solutions

Endless possibilities

Between our subscription applications, custom applications and consulting, we can solve just about any problem you have. Give us a call and let us know how we can help.

Over 21 years in business

We've been helping our clients with inovative solutions since 2003. Bring us an idea and chances are, we can make it a reality.

A solution that works the way you do

We pride ourselves in understanding our clients needs and designing and implementing solutions that compliment the way you do business. No square pegs in round holes here!

Great customer support

We will always be there for you. Whether you need help getting one of our applications to work for you or you would like something customized exactly to your specifications - we can do that.

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Nine of the top 12 DCI World Class Corps use CorpsData

Sixteen of the 22 world class and 2/3 of open class corps use CorpsData.

StarCross subscribes to CorpsData

StarCross Youth Performing Arts Inc.brings four new ensembles into the CorpsData family.

DCI about to start their fourth year of using Emma to manage events

2016 marks the fourth year that Drum Corps International will be using Emma to manage their competition schedule

BandScores allows USBands to publish scores and recaps instantly

USBands uses BandScores, a component of Emma, to get scores out fast

Minnesota Brass subscribe to CorpsData

Top DCA corps to use CorpsData to manage ensembles

Forte time module gets an upgrade

We have updated the user interface and some of the processes in our time reporting module to make it even easier to use.

Western Vanguard latest corps to subscribe to CorpsData

Western Vanguard from Odessa Texas is now a CorpsData subscribers.

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