USBands Open Class National Championships
Saturday, November 09, 2019 East Rutherford, NJ


Time Element
09:30 AM **All times approximate and subject to change**
09:35 AM **All times approximate and subject to change**
10:00 AM Group I Open : Joseph Case High School (Swansea, MA)
10:15 AM Group I Open : Monsignor Farrell High School (Staten Island, NY)
10:30 AM Group I Open : Burlington City High School (Burlington, NJ)
10:45 AM Judged Exhibition (II A) : Saddle Brook High School (Saddle Brook, NJ)
11:00 AM Group II Open : Shepherd Hill Regional High School (Dudley, MA)
11:15 AM Group II Open : Susquehanna Township High School (Harrisburg, PA)
11:30 AM Group II Open : Glen Ridge High School (Glen Ridge, NJ)
11:45 AM Group II Open : Great Mills High School (Great Mills, MD)
12:00 PM Group II Open : Wayne Valley High School (Wayne, NJ)
12:15 PM Group II Open : Lenape Regional High School (Medford, NJ)
01:15 PM AWARDS - I, II (at MetLife Central)
12:30 PM Group III Open : West Seneca High School (West Seneca, NY)
12:45 PM Group III Open : Immaculata High School (Somerville, NJ)
01:00 PM Group III Open : Robert E. Fitch High School (Groton, CT)
01:15 PM Group III Open : Fair Lawn High School (Fair Lawn, NJ)
01:30 PM Group III Open : Bethel High School (CT) (Bethel, CT)
01:45 PM Group III Open : Old Bridge High School (Matawan, NJ)
02:00 PM Group III Open : Calvert Hall College High School (Baltimore, MD)
02:15 PM Group III Open : North Warren Regional High School (Blairstown, NJ)
03:15 PM AWARDS - III (at MetLife Central)
02:30 PM Group IV Open : Sheehan High School (Wallingford, CT)
02:45 PM Group IV Open : Avon Grove High School (West Grove, PA)
03:00 PM Group IV Open : Perkiomen Valley High School (Collegeville, PA)
03:15 PM Group IV Open : Norwich Free Academy (Norwich, CT)
03:30 PM Group IV Open : Quakertown Community High School (Quakertown, PA)
03:45 PM Group IV Open : King Philip Regional High School (Wrentham, MA)
04:00 PM Group IV Open : Naugatuck High School (Naugatuck, CT)
04:15 PM Group IV Open : North Penn High School (Lansdale, PA)
04:30 PM Group IV Open : Newtown High School (Sandy Hook, CT)
04:45 PM Group IV Open : Blackstone-Millville High School (Blackstone, MA)
05:45 PM AWARDS - IV (at MetLife Central)
05:00 PM Group V Festival : Stroudsburg Area High School (Stroudsburg, PA)
05:15 PM Judged Exhibition (V A) : Francis T. Maloney High School (Meriden, CT)
05:30 PM Judged Exhibition (V A) : Bunnell-Stratford High School (Stratford, CT)
05:45 PM Group V Open : Metuchen High School (Metuchen, NJ)
06:00 PM Group V Open : Mansfield High School (Mansfield, MA)
06:15 PM Group V Open : West Shore Marching Band (Lewisberry, PA)
06:30 PM Group V Open : Cheshire High School (Cheshire, CT)
06:45 PM Group V Open : Southington High School (Southington, CT)
07:00 PM Group V Open : Passaic High School (Passaic, NJ)
07:15 PM Group V Open : Edison High School (NJ) (Edison, NJ)
07:30 PM Group V Open : Trumbull High School (Trumbull, CT)
07:45 PM Group V Open : Dartmouth High School (Dartmouth, MA)
08:00 PM Judged Exhibition (VI A) : Randolph High School (NJ) (Randolph, NJ)
08:15 PM Judged Exhibition (VI A) : Bergenfield High School (Bergenfield, NJ)
08:30 PM Exhibition : Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ)
08:45 PM Group VI Open : Downingtown East High School (Exton, PA)
09:00 PM Group VI Open : Roosevelt High School (Sioux Falls, SD)
09:15 PM Group VI Open : John P. Stevens High School (North Edison, NJ)
09:30 PM Group VI Open : Norwalk High School (Norwalk, CT)
09:45 PM Exhibition : University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)
10:00 PM AWARDS - V, VI (on field)


Fall 0.1 Chief Adjudicator Eric Kitchenman (Lansdale, PA)
Fall 0.2 Chief Adjudicator 2 Judy Ulchinsky (Branchville, NJ)
Fall 1.3 - Individual Music 3 Brian M. Leonard (Collegeville, PA)
Fall 1.4 - Individual Music 4 Tim Daniels (N. Huntingdon, PA)
Fall 2.3 - Ensemble Music 3 James Crowley (Houston, TX)
Fall 2.4 - Ensemble Music 4 Charles Poole (Stoneham, MA)
Fall 3.3 - Visual 3 Paul Lampkin (Sanborn, NY)
Fall 3.4 - Visual 4 Joe Roche (New Hartford, NY)
Fall 4.2 - Overall Visual Effect 2 Jude Boughton (Austin, TX)
Fall 4.5 - Overall Music Effect 1 Dave Pickett (Ray Twp., MI)
Fall 4.6 - Overall Music Effect 2 Carl Bly (Winchester, VA)
Fall 5.2 - Color Guard 2 Ed Doscher (Springfield, NJ)
Fall 6.2 - Percussion 2 Mike Schmitt (Lake Hopatcong, NJ)
Fall 1.1 - Individual Music 1 Jamie Bennett (Summerville, GA)
Fall 1.2 - Individual Music 2 John Saint Amour (Crofton, MD)
Fall 2.1 - Ensemble Music 1 Mark Kraft (Washington Crossing, PA)
Fall 2.2 - Ensemble Music 2 Barry Janicula (Carrollton, TX)
Fall 3.1 - Visual 1 Jeff Namian (Bloomfield, NJ)
Fall 3.2 - Visual 2 Marc Sylvester (Brooklyn, NY)
Fall 4.1 - Overall Visual Effect 1 Charles Brown (San Diego, CA)
Fall 5.1 - Color Guard 1 Hieu Nguyen (Brookline, MA)
Fall 6.1 - Percussion 1 Bryan Crawford (Morris Plains, NJ)

Event Staff

0.2 - Assistant Event Manager
1.1 - Event Coordinator 1 Ben Regalado (Severna Park, MD)
1.2 - Event Coordinator 2 Sheila Angalet (Edison, NJ)
2.1 - Assistant Event Coordinator 1 Brittany Angalet (Edison, NJ)
2.2 - Assistant Event Coordinator 2 Kevin Harrison (Lords Valley, PA)
2.3 - Assistant Event Coordinator 3
2.4 - Assistant Event Coordinator 4 Larry Richek (Monroe Township, NJ)
2.5 - Assistant Event Coordinator (Training) Samantha DeVos (Wrightstown, NJ)
3.1 - Tabulator 1 Ernie Muska (Brick, NJ)
3.2 - Tabulator 2 Jean Sowinski (Levittown, NY)
Event Staff Alyson D'Alessandro (Limerick, PA)
Event Staff Joe Leszczak (Brick, NJ)
Event Staff Jeffrey Miedowski (Wappingers Falls, NY)
Event Staff Christine O'Rourke (Limerick, PA)
Event Staff Melanie Pridgen (Hatboro, PA)

Venue: Metlife Stadium
1 MetLife Stadium Drive
East Rutherford NJ 07073

Performing ensembles

Bethel High School (CT) - Bethel CT
Great Mills High School - Great Mills MD
Lenape Regional High School - Medford NJ
North Warren Regional High School - Blairstown NJ
Wayne Valley High School - Wayne NJ
Bergenfield High School - Bergenfield NJ
Perkiomen Valley High School - Collegeville PA
Calvert Hall College High School - Baltimore MD
Blackstone-Millville High School - Blackstone MA
Glen Ridge High School - Glen Ridge NJ
Metuchen High School - Metuchen NJ
Avon Grove High School - West Grove PA
Edison High School (NJ) - Edison NJ
Passaic High School - Passaic NJ
Southington High School - Southington CT
North Penn High School - Lansdale PA
Norwalk High School - Norwalk CT
King Philip Regional High School - Wrentham MA
Burlington City High School - Burlington NJ
Stroudsburg Area High School - Stroudsburg PA
Immaculata High School - Somerville NJ
Robert E. Fitch High School - Groton CT
Roosevelt High School - Sioux Falls SD
Rutgers University - New Brunswick NJ
Shepherd Hill Regional High School - Dudley MA
West Shore Marching Band - Lewisberry PA
Old Bridge High School - Matawan NJ
Randolph High School (NJ) - Randolph NJ
Mansfield High School - Mansfield MA
Dartmouth High School - Dartmouth MA
Downingtown East High School - Exton PA
Joseph Case High School - Swansea MA
Quakertown Community High School - Quakertown PA
Cheshire High School - Cheshire CT
Monsignor Farrell High School - Staten Island NY
West Seneca High School - West Seneca NY
Newtown High School - Sandy Hook CT
Trumbull High School - Trumbull CT
Norwich Free Academy - Norwich CT
Sheehan High School - Wallingford CT
Susquehanna Township High School - Harrisburg PA
John P. Stevens High School - North Edison NJ
Fair Lawn High School - Fair Lawn NJ
Naugatuck High School - Naugatuck CT
Bunnell-Stratford High School - Stratford CT
Francis T. Maloney High School - Meriden CT
Saddle Brook High School - Saddle Brook NJ
University of Connecticut - Storrs CT