Forté has been trusted by companies like yours for over 19 years.

In 2003 we launched Forté, our full-featured Human Resources Information System for small to medium size companies (and large companies can use it too!). There were lots of high-priced, bloated applications out there for the big companies, but nothing to simply, easily and inexpensively do leave tracking, time and attendance and expense reporting for the smaller guys.

Now Forté is used every day by thousands of people across the country.

Take a look at Forté for your company. Based on the experience our thousands of users have had for more than 19 years, we're certain you will be glad you did.

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What (and where) is Trigon Road?

Trigon Road is actually a short street in southwest London, just south of the Thames by the Kennington Oval Underground station. Our founder's grandmother grew up on that street in London and throughout her long life told many stories of the large, boisterous family gatherings at the house. We hope some of that postive Trigon Road karma stays with our company and our clients.

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