CorpsData features

Financial Obligations and Payments

Full accounting system

Assign financial obligations, receive payments, know current balances for everyone in your corps. You can credit accounts, pro-rate obligations, print invoices and even email invoices from with CorpsData. And your performers/students can always see their current balances after securely signing into CorpsData.

Assign financial obligations

You create financial obligations in CorpsData with detail like the name of the obligation, the amount owed, the year it applies to and any notes you wish to add. Then you can define who is required to pay that obligation. People are notified of their new obligation by email after you save your work.

Record payments

When you receive payments on obligations, you record who you received it from, for which obligation, the amount, the payment method, any reference number (for checks) and any notes you wish to add. This information is instantly available to your performers/students when they sign in to CorpsData so everyone knows what is owed and what is paid. And you can also print or email an invoice/statement.